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One of the best jazz clarinet players ever.

Posted in Jazz

There is a form of art, called shadow art.

Posted in Art

These illusions are so cool!

Posted in Illusion (disambiguation)

When a cat rubs its face against you, it's not showing you affection; it is claiming you as its property.

Posted in Cat

This video is crazy. I've never seen a cat do anything like this before!

Posted in Cat

There are a lot of really weird coincidences between Lincoln and JFK.

Posted in Abraham Lincoln

The Roman emperor Claudius II had a Christian priest named Valentinus sentenced to death for performing secret marriages which allowed men to avoid being drafted. The priest was executed on February 14th.

Posted in Valentine's Day

This is my best friend of 13 years. She is half Saint Bernard and half Mastiff.

Posted in Dog

This picture didn't do the sunrise justice. It was gorgeous.

Posted in Sunset

This is a picture of the roses that my sister got for helping a physically disabled girl to play instruments.

Posted in Rose