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A sunset's rose.

Posted in Rose

Rain is a gift from above that washes away all of the dust from yesterday. It begins in dark, but ends with a beautiful colored arc up there in the sky to give us hope and a joyful cry.

Posted in Rain

is just a state of mind.

Posted in Religion

This camera takes AWESOME underwater pictures and takes clear pictures if shaking.

Posted in Pentax Optio

Texas is a different kind of beauty

Posted in Texas

My boyfriend and I hiked this mountain one morning and discovered that squirrels live at the top. I guess they like the view too.

Posted in Piestewa Peak

You've been told that colleges want well-rounded students who participate in sports, clubs, volunteering, and get good grades in honor classes. These were my achievements: Varsity soccer 3 yrs, Track state finalist, Cross Country state finalist twice, had a 3.9 GPA, board member of a volunteer club service for 3 years and was in 2 other clubs. That might sound dandy, but I almost didn't get the cut for college because my ACT/SAT scores were average (23). They might say they only take scores into account but that's a lie, it's the first thing they notice about you. So don't waste your time going all the way up to spanish 4 just to impress or any other ideas and focus on standardized tests, especially if you're a bad test-taker like me.

Posted in College

It's a relief to know that if every individual on earth jumped at once, it wouldn't really make any difference at all. What blows my mind is the fact that our entire species could fit inside Los Angelos, California if we stood shoulder to billion people, that's astonishing!

Posted in Earth