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This ones for you babe *points at you*

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Cherry Blossoms

If I could just walk amidst beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Japan, why I'd be in Heaven

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Love Love LOVE this song of hers! Check it out, its really catchy and cute

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Black Butler was the first anime I ever saw, and I don't regret it! The ending man, tore my heart out and burned it in the depths of hell with Sebby :3 I cried and was literally depressed for a few months cause I got so attached to it and then BAM it ended. I was sad because I wanted to go on more adventures with Ciel, Sebastian and the gang :)

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Kokkuri-san has one of the best openings I've heard in years! Its fun and upbeat and the best part is that the characters are singing this theme song, kawaii!

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Akame Ga Kill > Emotions

I appreciate any anime that can make me feel a rainbow of emotions. Akame Ga Kill is one of those animes where I feel a variety of emotions EACH episode! I also love how it can make me cry, in the real world nothing really makes me sad or cry, but man does this anime get to me.

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