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Hilarious I like how none of them take the mean tweets too seriously .

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Social Media has made the whole world think its okay to say whatever they feel no matter how bad ,social media has hurt the world in that respect

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Scabbies are actualy a bug that , who knew I sure didnt. They spenp most of there short lives burrowing into a usepectin persons skin, then they leave behind eggs and excrement . Those eggs eventually grow into larve rise to the surface of your skin and hatch. Then for weeks at a time they bite and eventually a person will start to notice raised bumps and sometimes blisters

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So the Royal Ballet isn't as stuffy as everyone thinks they would be. A while ago a friend of mine went to London with her mother for summer vacation, while in Europe she saw this show and when she came home she would not stop talking about it now I understand why.

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Hayden Williams: The Picasso of Fashion Art

While searching around on one of my favorite apps, instagram, I came across the most amazing account it was by a guy Named Hayden Williams and ever since I've been in love. His use of color is amazing the women portrayed in his drawings seem so life like and real and I would die for all those fabulous clothes

Posted in Costume design