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Will doing what he does best :)

Posted in Hugh Dancy

Shane Dawson

Posted in YouTube

So why are we still going on about Miley??? I am pretty sure she is just seeking attention...and there are TONS of other important things we could be focusing on. Remember Syria???

Posted in Miley Cyrus

Mr. Blobfish

So lazy, it barely eats! It just eats things that swim in front of its face

Posted in Ocean

Such a cute idea :)

Posted in Cupcake

Cute little Yorkshire Terrier doing super cute tricks :)

Posted in Cuteness

I like to put a salad together made of spinach, chicken, and cheese. For the dressing I like to mix a little extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar together....YUM!

Posted in Vinegar

Yorkie :)

Posted in Dog

Jenna Marbles

Posted in Humour

Key and Peele...I looked this woman in the eye sockets and I said....

Posted in Humour