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This is his most recent video on "The Most Annoying People on the Internet!" ;)

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You can sign up to work with Avon at this link! You just have to be 18! It's so much fun and the products are amazing!

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Lawless is a great movie to learn about the conditions of prohibition.

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This is a funny informative video on King Henry's six wives!

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King Henry VII create the Church of England in order to divorce his wife because she could not produce an heir for him. He then had five wives following. 1. Catherine of Aragon - Divorced 2. Anne Bolyn - Beheaded 3. Jane Seymour - Died 4. Anne Cleves - Divorced 5. Kathryne Howard - Beheaded 6. Katherine Parr - Survived (King Henry died before her)

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This is an article on Chinese Shadow Puppetry!

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A great place to find playlists of music YOU like!

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Watch The Great Honey Pot Robbery movie! :)

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Avon is a great place to find make up that's cost efficient and works!

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Here's an article on 10 of the World's Most Insanely Luxurious Houses! They're so cool!

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