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A photo of my very own cat named Gregory

Posted in Cat

The new Barbie to accurately portray American women

Posted in Barbie

I purchased a Canon EOS Rebel XS in 2009 and I have been in love with it ever since. I have taken some amazing pictures. I love the standard 18-55mm lens that came with it, but I have also purchased a canon 75-300mm lens as well as a fisheye lens!

Posted in Canon EOS Rebel XS

The Vans Warped tour is a truly amazing tour. I have gone several years and enjoyed the atmosphere and seeing so many of my favorite bands!

Posted in Warped Tour

This is a shot that I got of the Florida sunset from my backyard

Posted in Sunset

Sierra Kusterbeck discussing BRASH

Posted in Sierra Kusterbeck

Sierra Kusterbeck appeared on MTV's show World of Jenks. Andrew Jenks visits the Vans Warped Tour and explains that one particular band stuck out to him with the female lead vocalist.

Posted in Sierra Kusterbeck

We The King's very first single!

Posted in We the Kings

This is a photo of my albino ferret named Knuckles!

Posted in Ferret

A photo I took of a simple purple flower

Posted in Photography