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Never been diagnosed with ADHD as a child? Chances are that you could be diagnosed with ADHD as an adult even though you've never had it before (Adult ADHD). Here are ten possible symptoms of Adult ADHD as prescribed by Web M.D. Please remember that these are just possibilities.

Posted in Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

This article informs people that there isn't an overall "normal" menstration, you have to know what is normal for you. Though being bedridden every time you have your period or haven't gotten your period in a long time are signs that you do need to go see your doctor.

Posted in Menstrual cycle

Lacks' tumor cells have been used to produce many studies, but without the consent of her or her family, and without their knowledge of their family members' cells being used. Now, 62 years later, the family gives consent for them to use the cells and publish material on it.

Posted in Cell

Refinery 29 has posted some pictures of rainboots! Perfect for the present monsoon season as well as the up and coming winter! Some of them are cute to me, but it all depends on your style, so, enjoy!

Posted in Wellington boot

Here are some cool ways to tie your laces on your sneakers! Enjoy!

Posted in Sneakers (footwear)

Here is the news page of Whittier. Here they post local news stories as well as post gas prices of local gas stations as well as their addresses and local things to do. During the summer, Whittier has concerts in the park on Mondays and Thursdays, a great opportunity to do something free with friends and family.

Posted in Whittier, California

Here is a slideshow on Vitamin D, how good it can be for you, how much you need, how yo can intake it, and some health problems you may experience if you do not intake enough.

Posted in Vitamin D

So, one of my friends recently informed me that in every episode of Adventure Time there a little snail smiling and waving at the camera. So, now every time that my friends and I watch it, we look out for that little snail!

Posted in Adventure Time

Here is an idea/tutorial on how this woman did a kitchen island, but could also double as any kind of organization.

Posted in Home

Here are some cool skin remedies! Enjoy!

Posted in Natural skin care