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What just started out as a few video turns into the largest video sharing network in the world! In just 10 years, life as we know it is at our fingertips and we do not even realize it. Youtube has become more than just sharing videos, it has become a revolution!

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We all hear about cyber-bullying and just regular bullying and it is a strong topic thatmost people just roll their eyes at and ignore, but this is how people really feel. This movie clearly and accurately portrays the way that people would act and could act, but no one does anything. Some people are scared to call for help too. Do not be afraid to tell someone or feel guilty because you did and it did not turn out the way it should have. You have a voice, use it!

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there are about 3,000 tigers left in the wild. There is rumor that there is around that many held captive in Texas. Tiger hunting has become more common and people are using them for their fur and their meat and are rapidly killing their kind. Something needs to be done.

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We have seen a big drop in gas prices in the past few months and we are expected to have them drop even lower by April. Those prices will be between $1.00-$1.50. That will be phenomenal for the economy and will be the lowest marked prices in over a decade!

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This video shows good parenting and bonding with children along with a fun way of doing it. BatDad isa good source of entertainment.

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