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My favorite book

My favorite book as a kid!

Posted in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Who else knows the song by heart? (:

Posted in Phineas and Ferb


Who else was Bubbles? She was my favorite character!

Posted in The Powerpuff Girls

One of the BEST movies made. I love it; this part made me ball in tears.

Posted in The Pursuit of Happiness


The 1920's is my favorite time, and it would be the time I would go back to if I had a time machine! Women finally decided to stand out, and I love all the things they wore and stood for.

Posted in Flapper

I've always thought this is so cool. I play the flute and I want to learn how to do it. And he's playing Inspector Gadget, whaattt? Awesome!

Posted in Flute

WARNING: Hard to see images It's crazy how people find fun in killing animals and make this a sport. Seals are killed and counted to pick out a winner; they treat the seals in such a terrible way.

Posted in Seal hunting