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Symbolize what you stand for.

Posted in Peace symbols

Digital cookies aren't the same.

Posted in Cookie Monster

Seasons of love

Posted in Woodstock

Everybody is a hippie in some way, some just are more lippy then others.

Posted in Hippie

When nerds get a cool knick name, everybody wants a new pair of glasses.

Posted in Hipster

Foot bags with sand or beads

Foot bags (commonly known as hackey sacks) are either stitched or croqeted and filled with sand or beads. Bags filled with sand are heavier and easier to "stall" than croqueted ones. Croqueted sacks are too light but bounce high with less kick. Sand bags lose their sand over time and "become flat" while ones filled with beads don't.

Posted in Hacky Sack

The Phases of Skateboards

Before skateboarding was popular, people made boards from roller-skate wheels and peices of wood. Skateboards eventually evolved and incorporated bigger wheels while adopting a surf board shape to them. These manufactured boards looked closer to the Long boards and cruisers we have today. Skateboards were again adapted by shrinking their wheel size, ditching the surf board look, and adding grip tape. Longboards today have a longer wheelbase than skateboards, have bigger and softer wheels, and are almost doppelgangers to the Old School Boards while Skateboards took on a concaved deck to perform harder tricks.

Posted in Longboard (skateboard)

The cost of living is climbing rapidly each year because of increases in population. You have to pay more money to live comfortably because resources are in demand. What are you really spending to pay off your cost?

Posted in Cost of living

Buying your life style instead of spending your life in style.

Posted in Money

We have more advanced Technology being introduced every day but what are the costs behind our luxurious toys and convienent tools? Are we dooming ourselves to be dependent on mechanical materials instead of utilizing organic ones? Is the world willing to pay the price?

Posted in Industrialisation