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Hey, my is Zara. I live in the Philadelphia area and a current Temple freshman.

Temple University


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At the end of the day, it's your happiness that matters the most.

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Cheesecake stuffed French Totast

From Darlings Diner in Philadelphia. IT IS SO GOOD!

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Christmas at Love Park

Photo I took at Love Park during the 2013 Christmas season.

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Philly Slaps

Found these stickers on south street a while back. The middle sticker nearly says "the beauty is in the street" in French (I might not be entirely right, since my French is kind of rusty)

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Philly Slaps

Found at about 40th and Chestnut in Philadelphia, PA. This artist is very common in the area, however I do not know their name.

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Wood Carving from Zheng Chunhui

This is a wood carving based off the famous Chinese painting “Along the River During the Quingming Festival." That is one tree and four years of beautiful work.

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This is an early issue of the original Batman comics. It was released in September of 1952.

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Blue and Gold Nails

So beautiful! :D

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Golden Cateye

This is on point.

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Sak Yant Tattoos

Not your average tattoo. Sak Yant tattoos are usually done by Buddhist monks in Thailand. The lore behind these tattoos are that they are believed to give the person magic powers dealing with healing, luck, strength, and protection against evil. However, you gain these powers by essentially creating a contract with a spirit through the tattoo. In order for them to give you protection, you must sacrifice an activity or habit you once enjoyed. This activity is decided by the monk, not you. These pacts are not easily broken, and if you don't keep up with your side of the bargain, the spirit might punish you in retaliation. I will probably never get one of these tattoos, but they are fascinating to say the least.

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