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Cracks me up every time.

Posted in Humour

This is absolutely terrifying.

Posted in Clown

Top 51 horror movie villains. Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger can stay out of my dreams.

Posted in Horror film

Need to learn how to spell those incantations? Use the Harry Potter alphabet!

Posted in Harry Potter

They are ridiculously talented.

Posted in London Grammar

He's a hipster.

Posted in Matthew Gray Gubler

Sesame Street cake pops

This is too cute to eat.

Posted in Cake pop

People's hair tells us a lot about them.

Dreadlocks= some people can work them, some people can't, but props to people who do!

Posted in Dreadlocks

Chinese medicine uses the tongue to tell about overall body health and mental condition. Miley's whitish tongue going viral lets the world know she's still stressing about Liam but she's putting on a happy(?) face to cover it up.

Posted in Tongue

Getting nauseas just thinking about this.

Posted in Xanthan gum