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A small sketch of moi

Posted in Drawing

Crayon Royals: Blue Duchess

Chronigically the 2nd royal I made but the first to be posted. Full Name: Blumhilde de Kunze Age: A real lady never reveals her age~ Likes: Inventing things, tea time, alone time Dislikes: Socializing in general, being interrupted or bothered, prunes Description: Lady de Kunze is a brilliant inventor despite the hindrance of her social status expected of a high-class woman. She rather spend her time tinkering with her clockwork inventions than waste it on "a vain attempt in fraternizing with potential suitors" severely pressed upon by Mama. Her means of communication with others are through her beloved clockwork owl she name Einstein, whom she gives to and receives a letter from. Big practitioner of personal space by the way.

Posted in Colored pencil

Bouquet of Color

So i drew Adelee again, and this time I did it in watercolor! I also changed her eye color and made her cute freckles more prominent ^v^)~*

Posted in Watercolor painting

Adelee (colored)

The (sometime) finished picture w/ terrible coloring of mine. You'd recognize that this was one of the WIPs I posted before (that of her eyes)

Posted in Doodle

Staring down the third wall

One of the drawings I used (for choice category) for the Free Artist Test from the Art Instruction School.I really want to join but even with the scholarship, I don't have enough money to pay it in full and i have no job nor the will to ask anyone, especially my family, for money. Someday, though.

Posted in Drawing

WIP for AP Concentration Piece

Pros of Tempera Paint: - Great substitute for watercolors - Can build up opacity unlike watercolors - Bright, vivid colors - Liquid form makes it easier to mix colors - Fun to experiment w/ other media such as color pencils and pastels Cons: - Some colors looks terrible mixed together such as blue and yellow tempera for an ugly shade of green - A serious pain to remove (especially on clothing) - Color sometimes looks lighter than desired when dried - A pain to bring to and from school :( - Need to take special precautions to protect bag's contents when placing the paint inside

Posted in Paint

Instead of using the sink, use the shower to clean up the "crime scene" where you can take a bath afterwards. When using the shower, place the setting somewhere lukewarm-cool as hot water would make the stains set. When there are still persistent stains, lather with soap and add drops of hydrogen peroxide.

Posted in Menstruation

Do a fun trick such as catching those m & m's , skittles, and the like in your mouth and your sibling will supply you while gleefully screaming, "Do AGAIN!"

Posted in Persuasion

I love drawing eyes (drawing snippet)

Making meticulous details on the eyes usually prioritize over everything else, besides the hair.

Posted in Illustration

It's really found everywhere: on traditional canvases, t-shirts or other articles of clothing, the techniques in how chefs prepare the food and even on advertisements and commercials and the art doesn't end there. Actions we perform, whether its singing, dancing, or executing a moving speech to the masses, it's considered a work of art. We express our emotions, our beliefs in a nonverbal ploy to get messages across. It's incomprehensible on how some people disregard art as one of the important staples of communication. It's even used in political propaganda to sway people in with their beliefs.

Posted in The arts