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This group does a beautiful modern twist to classical music. They really bring out the true beauty in modern pop. Check more of them out! The Piano Guys

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Mackenzie Sax just earned a profile!

Please welcome Mackenzie by checking out the profile:

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Just so everyone knows, cheesecake is always a great gift. Some might say it's the best gift! *Hint, Hint*

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“I loved her like elephants like remembering stuff. Those things just won’t let me forget and move on.”

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People keep talking about how they are getting burned from their Mini Keurig. That is why, for Christmas, I asked for a mini Keurig and an umbrella. You could say I'm dedicated.

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New Years Eve Nails

Great and easy way to make a statement using your hands. All you need is small pieces of tape, the sparkles underneath and the black for after you apply the tape.

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Peanut Butter Christmas Trees

These are fun and easy ways to spice up your holidays. What you need for each tree: 2 mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 1 regular sized Reese's Peanut Butter Cup 1 Hersey Kiss Green Cookie Frosting Sprinkles For more information, go to

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