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Drink more water people!

Human body requires water for nearly all internal processes

Posted in Life hacking

For many, it's not the stubborn acne that's the issue, but the embarrassing red scars they leave behind. He's a site with the best scar treatment products

Posted in Acne vulgaris

If what people think or believe gets them through their day and doesn't hurt anyone, who are you to tell them it is wrong? You have no right to shut down what makes them happy because you perceive them to be wrong

Posted in Religion

I believe miracles happen every day. True miracles happen so that we don't even know they occurred. They are little seemingly insignificant things that happen that change our lives forever and we hardly understand the impact they had at the time.

Posted in Miracle

I used to think best friends were made cause you loved all the same things but really best friends are made when they do things they don't necessarily like because the other loves those things.

Posted in Friendship

Foxy Roxy

A painting I did of my friend's dog! Her name is Roxanne!

Posted in Painting

Hi guys!

This is my baby Holly Dog! She says hi!

Posted in Puppy

Dallas, TX

Texas may not be on everyone's bucket list of places to visit but it is beautiful

Posted in Travel

All time favorite quote!

This is something everyone should hear every day

Posted in Winnie-the-Pooh

Holly Dog

"Stare into my soul! Give me the steak!"

Posted in Animal