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Learn how to water bend with a few water bottles and a freezer!

Posted in Water

Arachibutlphobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth

Posted in Peanut butter

Underwater hockey is played with a three pound puck.

Posted in Underwater hockey

James Madison was the shortest President at 5'4"

Posted in James Madison

Abraham Lincoln was the tallest President at 6'4"

Posted in Abraham Lincoln

Dragonflies have six legs but can't walk

Posted in Dragonfly

The average person takes 23,000 breaths a day.

Posted in Human body

Panda bears eat up to 16 hours a day

Posted in Giant panda

Dieting by not eating will actually make your body start conserving calories as fat and slow your metabolism.

Posted in Dieting

Did you know it takes Pluto 248 years to orbit the sun once?

Posted in Pluto