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Fruit Art!

yes tomato's are fruit! Can't forget about them.

Posted in Fruit

Lego Vs. Eggo

Which would you choose?

Posted in Lego

The Old Iphone

If you had one of these you were the coolest around B)

Posted in IPhone


Imagine how much this 24k gold iPhone would cost!

Posted in IPhone

Rainbow Cupcakes

ingredients: food coloring and white or yellow cake mix make the batter as directed on the box. Then separate in about three to four bowls and mix the food coloring in each (whichever colors you like) Then put a spoonful in each muffin hole so its about 3/4 full. get a toothpick and swirl it through but not too much so the colors mix just so they blend together. then bake and ready to eat (:.

Posted in Cupcake

Christmas time is near

Who else is ready for Christmas? :)

Posted in Christmas