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Most Topaz starts out red colored when it forms, but it turns clearer due to sun exposure.

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House's Catch Phrase

This phrase kinda wraps up the whole series.

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New Class

Ragnarok 2 has added a new character class, the Noels. They are an imp like race, and kind of look like the dark elves in World of Warcraft. Upon hitting level 25, you have the choice of becoming a Soul Maker or a Crecentia. The noels also have new abilities such as "soul link" which connects the players in a party, and depending on the noel or power, they do various different things, such as reducing damage, or healing.

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Nuts are very nutritious for you, and contain many of the nutrients you need daily. Having one handful of nuts a day is extremely healthy for you. They are also great snacks, because they actually fill you up, and quench your appetite.

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Freak Nation

The flag of the transgenics from the last episode "Freak Nation" Sadly the TV show was canceled after 2 seasons, but some books were written to finish the story up.

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TV series based on the gorgeous and bad ass Max, and her ruggedly handsome intelligent counterpart Logan, and a corrupt government.

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All I know is I am not getting paid, and some of my checks are bouncing. This shutdown is terrible.

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If this was a real ninja attack.. you would be dead!

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Snow Leopards are so beautiful :)

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European Variety

Aren't dragons just rad? :)

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