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crazy good like you cannot go wrong with girl scout cookies so this is a winner

Posted in Recipe

are some things really better left unsaid? because these unsaid words are building up and theres too much pressure inside my head.

Posted in Stress

running circles

Because I don't know who I am, when you're running circles in my head.

Posted in Intrusive thoughts

I think I saw you in my sleep

you were stitching up the seams

Posted in Sleep

Individualism blows me away. It's crazy to me that fifty people can witness the exact same event, and yet everyone interprets and internalizes uniquely. Actions may be the same but the mental process it took to accomplish is individual. We compare ourselves to others but what's there to compare. The interaction between our body and spirit will never be replicated and cannot be duplicated. Though we anatomically we have all the same organs and biological functions we react to stimuli completely different. And that reality... Flip how can you not want to KNOW people after thinking about that? there's been billions and billions of people on this earth but not ONE is exactly like me in every way. There's an infinite amount of variation and that

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