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Just something thats BETTER then anti-bullying ads. What I love about this video is that it's actually performed in a way where teenagers do actually get bullied in a way like in the video. Very touching too.

Posted in Bully


The sled dogs in the movie "Snow Dogs" are actually Siberian Husky!! Except that one dog... I forgot what breed it was...

Posted in Siberian Husky

I don't know about others but the reason I like anime is because a lot of these anime are based upon real-life situations. Although many of them are a little too dramatic, you can relate. There are some anime that'll help you understand what real-life situation would be like and how you can overcome them. And then there are ones where you read so much into it where you WISH your life was like the characters.

Posted in Anime (sometimes some of the videos here don't work... :/ ) ( a lot of ppl says you gotta have an account to watch these animes without advertisement... if you're patient enough then you'll live. If not then create an account but it ain't free. Also if you become a member then you get to see the latest episodes. If not then you gotta wait.) ( if you like to take risks where virus won't get onto your computer, be my guest.) But yeah... some websites for many who wants to watch anime...

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If you are an anime fan and know this series, then you know what I mean. There is an anime called "Sword Art Online", its wear the user wears this head-like controller where you go inside the game and play it like you would in real-life. I wish we have games like that! Get to experience adventures and do some action moves in your brain instead of trying to perform it with the hand-controller.

Posted in Portal (video game)

I just want to say something, my religion is Shaman. We aren't "devil" worshippers; we worship our ancestors and the ones we loved and the people in our life who had passed away. I love to learn about God, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, etc but what I really hate is how missionary people ALWAYS try to convert me. Some actually RESPECT me saying no to them but others, ugh... They just keep coming. So just something to you all out there: please respect other's religion when they respect yours. Don't tell them that their religion is wrong and yours is right. We all have only ONE Creator in this world and He is very DIFFERENT to us in many DIFFERENT ways but He is still just ONE person.

Posted in Religion

I don't know about the many of you but sometimes I hear musics with piano and cello mix together and many don't sound as good as the Piano Guys. They are AWESOME. This is one of my favorite study music songs. I listen to it while I study for my finals and sometimes I listen to it when I go to sleep. Hope you all enjoy it and love them as well!

Posted in Music