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Posted in Sussle

A man named Lars Andersen demonstrated his knowledge of original archery techniques used by the first ever archers.

Posted in Archery

This poem is mainly focused around bullying in schools and its effects on people later in life produced by Shane Koyczan.

Posted in Bullying

Check out these amazing illusions that can be created by simply putting tape on a wall.

Posted in Duct tape

This video is a Saturday Night Live digital short featuring Andrew Garfield. This mock movie trailer pokes fun at most people's universal love for Beyonce and takes an unexpected and hilarious turn.

Posted in Beyoncé

The Reason I posted this link to the inspiration page is because that is the first feeling I endured once I set this poem down. Throughout high school I had ran cross country and track, which assisted in allowing me to relate my own experiences to the content of this poem. Being able to personalize the meaning of this poem allowed for myself to reflect and really appreciate the story behind it.

Posted in Inspiration