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Want to cool off?

Posted in Ice cream

Strictly for BACON lovers only!

Posted in Bacon

LOVE COOKIE DOUGH? Don't be scared to eat as much as you want! Simple and sweet recipe, no scary side effects :)

Posted in Baking

Scary facts! I encourage you to take a look!

Posted in Food industry

I heard MySpace is trying to come back.. say whaaat?

Posted in Facebook

I'm a Virgo! What's your sign?

Posted in Zodiac

Check out all the fun facts: :)

Posted in Numerology

A self quote: "Menti visionarie cercano la bellezza della vita." ..which translates into -> "Visionary minds seek the beauty of life."

Posted in Creativity

Honestly one of the most heart-warming things I've ever seen, it even brought a little tear to my eye. Well worth the watch!

Posted in Love