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Sweet potato chips and veggie straws are also types of chips. These types of chips offer a more healthy treat for someone looking to get in more vegetables.

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This is from the Healthy and Natural Weight-Gain Blog. For people who are protein deficient this may be especially helpful. It includes shake recipes that are high-calorie, high-protein, and high-calcium.

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In the long-run aerobic exercise benefits your immune system and your mood. People who exercise at least three times a week get sick less often than people who don't. Exercise benefits your mood because it causes your body to release endorphins, which produce feelings of happiness.

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A deficiency in vitamin B-12 may lead to low counts of red blood cells and, consequently low hemoglobin levels. So, if you are anemic, you may want to be taking vitamin B-12 in addition to iron supplements. Deficiency in B-12 may also lead to fatigue and poor immunity.

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when taking iron as a supplement, taking it with vitamin C will increase the amount that is absorbed. In contrast, calcium products lead to poor iron absorption when taken at the same time as iron supplements. Slow release iron, such as carbonyl feosol iron, may be better absorbed than ferrous sulfate.

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Most begonias may be reseeded: If you cut part of a begonia plant it may become another plant. This cultivation may be performed by placing the cut portion in a clear glass and placing the glass in sunlight. Expect the newly cut begonia to grow roots in a few weeks.

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A stress reaction is an injury that is a pre-condition to a stress fracture, and usually has the same signs and symptoms except that it may cause less pain than a stress fracture.

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I have scoliosis and I had shoulder pain on my right side, but I haven't gotten surgery. Instead, I've been to a physical therapist and do daily exercises to strengthen muscles around the shoulder. This holds it in place and prevents the joint from moving out of place.

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derivatives of meth are commonly used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder. Common derivatives include Riddlin, Concerta, and Aderall. While methlyphenidate is normally considered highly dangerous when taken in large or short-acting doses, it may actually decrease the likelihood that someone with ADD will get in an accident when taken correctly. This increased safety occurs because medical treatment for ADD increases the affected person's ability to concentrate.

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Distance runners have some nutritional needs that are different than the average athlete, because of the high-energy demands of their sport. Most prominently, runners need more carbohydrates than the average person, sometimes consuming up to fourteen servings of carbs on a training day. Additionally, they need a large intake of iron to maintain hemoglobin levels. A typical distance runner will take about 45 mg of slow release iron or 90 mg of ferrous sulfate in a day. Although protein is an optimal source of energy for running, runners must eat a significant amount of it in order to build and maintain muscle. Depending on activity level, a runner may need to consume 50 to 70 grams of protein in a day. An especially helpful way to insure proper recovery from a run is to drink chocolate milk. Because of the ratio of carbs to proteins in chocolate milk--three to one--it is an excellent post training snack. The nutritional needs of any one runner varies and it is up to the athlete to take care of themselves physiologically.

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