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I am a Senior in High School who's dream is to one day become a High School Choir Director.

Sandra Day O'connor High School

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the mind of High School teachers

This is true but sad! if only they wouldn't do this...

Posted in School

once again... my teacher

Ladies and gentlemen!: My wonderful Government teacher!

Posted in School

my teacher

This is exactly the face any student of my Government teacher gets when they forget to bring something!

Posted in School

baby duck

if a baby duck came up to me with this face I would give it as much food as it wants!

Posted in Duck

hold the note!

cute, funny, and true!

Posted in Conducting

mermaids exist!

anything is possible! if we haven't discovered the whole ocean then mermaids could exist!

Posted in Mermaid

"I made this"

this is too cute not to share!

Posted in Cuteness

one special dog...

this dog reminds me of my old dog! too funny!

Posted in Derp

the many derps of cats

This is so cute! and funny!!

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