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List of Gemstones

A beautiful selection of gemstones, organized alphabetically. resource:

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Collage of Dance Moms

Clips from the series Dance Moms

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International Federation of Broomball Associations

Planning the International Broomball program began in 1988 in Canada, to host the first Challenge Cup World Broomball Championships international broomball tournament in 1991 hosted in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The first event incorporated 800 athletes representing 44 Men, Women and Coed teams from USA, Japan, Australia, Finland, Italy, Germany and Canada. The resounding success of this event prompted the next World event which was returned to Victoria in 1996 and set the stage to form an International Federation. Challenge Cup 3 was hosted by the Italian Broomball Association in 1998 and the “International Federation of Broomball Associations” (IFBA), was officially formed accepting a Constitution and Bylaws for the membership to abide by. The tradition of the World Broomball Championships has proceeded in two year increments with Victoria (Canada) 2000, Minneapolis (USA) 2002, Corner Brook (Canada) 2004. Countries now participating in the sport are: Canada, USA, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Russia, England and India. The IFBA Executive are now focusing on incorporating China, South Korea, Holland, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, New Zealand and Belgium. resource:

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Mozambique Twig Snake

Photo taken by Francois Rauch during a missions trip to Mozambique. The blogger compares the Twig Snake to a Black Mamba.

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He loves 'em

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It didn't even stand a chance resource:

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Vincent visits Disneyland resource:

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"I found a nickel! Sure wish I had pockets!" -Mike Wazowski, Monsters University

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visit the

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