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I think poetry doesn't have to be taken in in the normal means like a literature book or spoken word; by nature poetry is fluid and malleable, meant to evolve. And it's based on sound and rhythm, so poetry can be a line in a book; poetry can be the verses of a song or a thought in our head. Lots of things, motions or ideas or images, can be poetic. They're just a different kind of poetry

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The video says it focuses on Spain, but it is a pretty broad collection of pictures. It's a Hetalia World Cup slideshow set to Wavin' Flag by K'Naan, but it's pretty evocative and emotive somehow. I love how it seems to place Hetalia in a more worldly, serious context, without becoming dark or anything. It's more unifying than anything.

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A fanmade depiction of Count of Monte Cristo characters, found here: From left to right: Albert, Fernand, The Count of Monte Cristo, Haydee, and Mercedes

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The cover of The Great Gatsby directly relates to the optometrist eyes in the story, as Fitzgerald says himself, but the face seen may also be interpreted as Daisy, hanging over all the apparent splendor and glamor of Gatsby's life and haunting him.

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The Vocaloid "KAITO", one of the earliest Japanese vocaloids, was originally a commercial failure, selling very few boxes and remaining low on the popularity rung. However, Kaito accmulated a very dedicated fanbase, and following the release of his update (V3) in February, he skyrocketed to the number one position on amount-sold polls, even outranking Hatsune Mike software.

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A good quality video from Fall Out Boy's current spring tour, the May 14th date in Milwaukee. Performing the song Save Rock and Roll off of their most recent album of the same name. With Patrick Stump's lower register while improving Elton John's parts, the united chant at the end, and the general high-energy feel-good vibe going on...they sound greater than ever!

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Classic song and dance number

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Sherlock Holmes is not only a timeless detective, spawning countless adaptations and generally never going out of style, but is also referred to copiously as a source material. The television character Gregory House draws influence from the Holmes archetype, for example, as does the video game character Professor Layton. (Coincidentally, pulling from Holmes also calls for pulling from Watson; House and Layton both sport foils who fill this position!)

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(Perhaps minor spoiler alert up to the current episode?) As of the final episode of the fifth season, two people have each said to protagonists Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon, respectively, that one is "a little bit in love" with the other. Neither character denies it onscreen. Executive producer Bruno Heller has stated that in the next season, season 6, their relationship will be further explored and expanded upon.

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In case anybody doesn't know about it, the Doctor Who tumblr (@ is a great community resource, a mix of official and fan contributions, with give-aways and Whovian interactions and all that. The organization on the site is great, they tag everything. I believe it runs in an official capacity. Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman even took it over for a few hours once, holding a Q&A!

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