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I am a high school senior, who is looking for creative social media sites to be involved in.

University of Florida

Business Administrative

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Need a tattoo like this

Posted in Tattoo


Enjoying the last year of high school is crucial, because after you graduate everything changes.

Posted in Prom

love is everywhere

love is in everything we see, touch and feel

Posted in Love

Nikita Lazera just earned a profile!

Please welcome Nikita by checking out the profile:

Posted in Sussle

Cutest little pup

The sand was almost bigger than him

Posted in Puppy

Capturing beauty one rock hitting wave at a time

The Ocean can be aggressive yet charming

Posted in Nature photography

A sunset is nature's farewell kiss for the night

Enjoy the beauty of a sunset-- This photograph captures pure serenity.

Posted in Sunset

Nose in the sand

This pup has to be the cutest

Posted in Cuteness

Simple yet Elegant

Every girl should be able to feel beautiful in her own way.

Posted in Photography