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So that's how it works...

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Japanese Chopsticks

These Japanese chopsticks have a more traditional and elegant design.

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Eco Tank

The fish and the plant help support one another. The plant circulates, cleans, and oxygenates the water, while the fish's waste helps feed the plant. Plus, it looks really neat.

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Salt Crystals

The image on the left depicts the Great Salt Plains in Oklahoma. This area is (or at least used to be) open to the public and people (mostly kids) could come dig up the crystals, commonly called Salt Crystals, shown on the right. They may not be very spectacular, but it sure make a fun field trip.

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Map of Europe

with flags

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Rent is a Broadway play, and now a film, based on the italian opera La Bohème. Rent depicts a late 1900's version of the Bohemian lifestyle/counterculter movement, as well as the social-economic struggles many faced during the time period, like AIDS, stigmas attached to homosexuality, and financial struggles. It's a great musical; I'd recommend it to everyone.

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a national geographic video of an elephant mourning ritual

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