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Sussle helps you learn interesting things about any topic. We're offering a fun scholarship because it's our social cause to help reduce the cost of education.

Easy scholarship - no application, no essay, no GPA

Just post and vote for interesting stuff you know that:

  • Informs or teaches us something cool.
  • Makes us laugh louder than we should :D.
  • Is so beautiful, we can't stop looking at it.
  • Touches our hearts.
  • Makes us feel connected and alive!

Who is eligible

  • High school seniors, or current full-time undergraduate or graduate students at an accredited college or university in the United States
  • US citizens or legal permanent residents
  • Not a Sussle Scholarship or other Sussle contest winner in the previous 12 months, or employees of Sussle or its affiliates

You choose the judges

  • Each scholarship entrant can invite 1 person they know to be a judge.
  • Judges can invite other judges.
  • Only judges' votes count towards the leaderboard.
  • All judges must have earned a profile page.
  • Judges cannot be an entrant at the same time.
  • Sussle Elite and Sussle's founder, Chuck Kao, are permanent judges.
  • To invite a judge, click the Help tab on the right, and send us the judge's profile link.

Winning strategy

  • Try to get the most votes by posting good, interesting content.
  • Rate the content posted by others.
  • Fill out your profile so people know who you are.

Winner determination

  • The leaderboard on the right shows your standing. It's an easy to get scholarship, right?
  • The entrant with the highest votes by the deadline wins.
  • Votes are calculated by adding all likes and subtracting all dislikes for all of your posts made during the scholarship period.
  • If there is a tie in votes, then the highest number of posts will be used as a tiebreaker. If there is a tie in both votes and posts, then the scholarship will be split equally among the ties.
  • The winner will be announced after verification of eligibility.
  • The 2nd runner up will receive $50.

Deadline to enter

October 31, 2014 11:59pm Pacific time. This is a monthly scholarship.

If you believe in what we're doing, please tell others.

Even more information for the curious

Wow, you scrolled down this far? Here's your reward :)

  • Is the Sussle Scholarship legit?
    Absolutely. We are listed by hundreds of high schools and colleges. We have awarded over $15,000 to students so far.
  • When did Sussle start?
    Sussle started when the world ended in 2012, so it's still a baby.
  • Who's behind the scholarship?
    Me, Chuck Kao, and an awesome team.
  • Why are you offering this scholarship?
    I come from a first-generation immigrant family that was relatively poor. I went to an Ivy League school thanks to a lot of student loans. I wish I had won some college scholarships.
  • Who decides what good content is?
    Everyone. I want to create a system that is powered by the wisdom of crowds. It's amazing how smart many individuals together can be.
  • How do you create an account? Is Facebook the only way to register?
    When you post or vote, you'll be asked to sign in with Facebook. Yes, it's the only way to register. We do this to ensure that everyone on Sussle is a real person, and to prevent abuse.
  • Do you sell our data to other companies?
    No, we don't sell anything. We don't even show ads on the site.
  • How do you make money?
    Wow, you must be a business major. Would you ask a baby how it makes money? Like any baby, Sussle's only job is to grow healthy. Our team and angel investors provide a nurturing environment for it to thrive. And yes, there are blue skies painted on its nursery ceiling.

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Dom Harris 96 188
Ryann Burnett 91 164
Tess Chaffin 80 173
Darby Oliver 43 167
Tricia Casillas 25 19
Tony Ibrahim 23 26
Hannah Robison 15 24
Alana Buckley 10 14
Madison Stewart 10 9
Caitlyn Hyde 10 6

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